Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Losar" from Singhi's (Teary) Eyes

hi all.

two days ago i sent along a "Losar" (tibetan new year) greeting, with a little information. i also sent Losar tidings to my friend ngawang singhi, a tibetan living in exile in dharamsala, india.

(singhi's life in tibet under chinese rule, his imprisonment and subsequent escape to india was the subject of the "the brothers" -- a piece i wrote while in india last year -- if interested you can read it at the Times of Tibet website: )

singhi is a stong-willed man who lives a tough, hard-working life. (dharamsala may be a romantic, spiritual destination in our eyes but for the exiled tibetans who live there -- especially those who have not become educationally "westernized" -- life is difficult.) his body has been broken by physical tortures, and he has endured separations and heartbreaks the likes of which we in this country will never have to deal.

but like so many of his exiled countrymen/women, within his strength there lies beautiful gentleness and sensitivity -- borne of adversity, wisdom and faith -- that pervades all he does.

this morning i received a short email from singhi (pronounced sing-eee, tibetans commonly go by and use last names). while singhi struggles with english grammar and syntax, he has a knack for using words that portray his feelings. i'd like to share his latest writing with you . . . :


Hi my friend Winwood la

thanks very much for your sweet voice and greeting for losar so i am very happy to be in this we are very busy to work for losar and it is very happy but in another way it is very sad for me here in dhasa because we have no country and we have no human right you know very well for our situation.

also i can cry to in the losar because in india i have no parents and no relishonship. also in my home in tibet they are waiting for me to come for losar but it is very difficult to go back in tibet. if i go home i will be put in cell and my family will suffer.

i can't to stop my tears because i miss too much my family not only me but also those people who live in exile place. we are sad to not be with family in tibet so!!!!!!!!!

i want to stop my finger here.
thanks very much long live my dear
take care
have nice day and night
with thousand love for you singhi