Tuesday, August 01, 2006

China to Nepal: Handle Tibetan Refugee Issue "Properly"

Reported by The Himalayan Times Online; Kathmandu, July 30, 2006

Chinese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Wu Dawei, on Saturday concluded his visit to Nepal with a belief that Nepali leaders would understand the sensitivity of the over 14,000 Tibetan refugees in Nepal.

"I hope the leaders of Nepal understand the sensitivity of the Tibetan issue and also believe that they will handle it properly," Dawei told reporters before his departure at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

He said this in connection with the government reportedly preparing a necessary document for sending 5,000 Tibetan refugees to the US on humanitarian ground.

During meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, KP Oli, Dawei was told that Nepal treats only those Tibetans as refugees who had arrived in Nepal before December 1989